Philosophy of Music Therapy

Our personal theory of music therapy is like a tree:  there are all different types of trees, just as we are all different types of people, the music therapy comes in the “being;” each tree is a separate entity unto themselves yet, as was observed in the Olympic National Forest, a tree acts as a nursery to other seedlings, and a grove of trees acts to protect, and support each other.  In the forest the leaves of each tree are different in shape, density, texture, and weight. When the winds of life blow through the branches, each tree “sings” its’ song; each differently, yet, in chorus with each other.

In this way, music therapy is a musical therapeutic interaction between a qualified therapist, and client or clients, supporting their song, flowing with the rhythm of life together.  As the songs of our lives together are blended, they are woven into a beautiful improvisation, or composition composed in the moment. Every smile, laugh, handshake, hug, wink, word of praise- contributes a note, dynamic, timbre, or element of rhythm to the whole composition. By following the humanistic philosophy, we support foundationally the person-centered approach, thus creating a growth- producing climate.  When this person-centered philosophy is lived, it helps people develop their capacities and stimulates constructive change.  Individuals become empowered, and they are able to use this power for personal and social transformation.

We ascribe to a multi-modal approach whenever necessary, but still with the person-centered approach at the very center. Our Life Source, like the core of the tree trunk, connects with the essence of all beings.  The safety a client feels in the non-judgmental, empathetic setting of a music circle, or 1:1 therapeutic relationship, provides the soil and nutrients for creativity in preparation for the seeds of the interventions to be planted or experienced, making it possible for the individual to move towards their own creative expression, exploration, new perspective, and personal growth.  As a music therapist, bringing our best selves into the sacred space of the music therapist/client relationship, incorporating the elements of music with unconditional positive regard, we support others in playing their song; we are a part of the creative space where growth, healing, and self-discovery sprouts, and participate in the support of the integration of mind, body, emotions, and inner spiritual resources, where the full potential of an individual may be reached.

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