At Willow Song Music Therapy we work with you to determine what services would suit you or your loved one’s needs and then create a plan of action to provide you with the best care possible.

Individual Sessions

Willow Song Music Therapy Services offers 1-on-1 music therapy sessions for clients in the Spokane and Inland Empire area including Post Falls, and Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho areas. Sessions are one hour long, utilizing 50 minutes for treatment and 10 minutes for documentation and communication with caregivers.

Some of the goals addressed during individual sessions may include:

  • Improved physical movement
  • Communication enhancement
  • Cognitive development
  • Expression
  • Socialization

In an individual session, our board-certified music therapist will facilitate music-based interventions (such as instrument playing, movement-to-music, songwriting, lyric analysis, creative arts) designed to address individualized goals for the client.

Group Sessions

Group music therapy sessions offer an opportunity for clients to engage with each other, using music-based activities as a catalyst for social interaction. In addition to the individual goal areas, other goals during group music therapy may include:

  • Sharing
  • Communication
  • Eye-contact
  • Opportunity for shared experiences
  • Bonding

 Drumming for Wellness and Joy Workshops

Research shows drumming in community de-stresses the body, improves mood, is creative and self-expressive.  Rhythms are a universal language, shared by all races throughout history. Rhythms have no language barrier and they are at the core of celebrations, rituals and healing throughout history.

“Drumming for Wellness and Joy” is designed to gather people together; all ages, walks of life, etc., and experience together something that is unifying, fun, and like “good medicine.”  One does not have to be “musical” know how to read music, or even have ever played a percussive instrument before.  It is about play, turn-taking, sharing, improvising, exploring, breathing, stretching, laughing, vocalizing, and yes, sometimes even singing!  It is not about performance, but rather, process, and it is very fun! If you have a heartbeat, you have rhythm!

According to Bruscia (1998) Defining Music Therapy (2nd Ed.), being of sound mind, body and spirit is something we do, not just something that happens to us.  Music is  useful in that it helps us make all these connections of body mind and spirit (vibrations,  between parts of the body i.e., hands,  ears, eyes,  use of instruments, including the voice in singing, parts of the psych through our thoughts, feelings, of the inner and outer world, either conscious or unconscious.) “Music is a model of human harmony and it provides the necessary maps and routes to connect the various parts of our existence and experience.” (p. 67)

Reasons to Drum:

  • Improve mood
  • Reduce stress  (relaxes the body, and calms the mind)
  • Improves concentration  and focus
  • Promotes confidence and self esteem and well-being
  • Group drumming produces feelings of integration and euphoria
  • Develops awareness of and respect for others
  • Boost immune system
  • Deals with the emotional, cognitive, and social requirements of a person
  • Provides empowerment through self expression

Drumming with others offers a powerful way of overcoming differences and promoting understanding and harmony.  It brings people together, uniting them in the pursuit of a common end—and, its fun!

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