Wellness Workshops

Feeling overwhelmed? Stressed Out? Is your life moving forward, but you find that you have little joy?

Then you need to bring a little joy into your life! With our unique Finding Your Balance, Ignite Your Joy! Wellness Class you will experience just that.

These small group workshops will help you find:

    • Balance: is there even such a thing?
    • the Physiology of stress & tension
    • Your Brain on Music! Finding your Zen
    • Drumming in community, Singing for Wellness
    • progressive music relaxation
    • and More!!

You can register for one of upcoming events directly on the site below. You can also reserve your spot and pay by check if you would prefer. Just e-mail Carla Carnegie to reserve your spot and mail your check to [INSERT ADDRESS HERE].

Want a Customized Class?

Contact us to schedule a 2hr specifically designed class focused on your wellness. This class is great for teaching employees or members how to reduce stress while adding joy to their lives in ways they never though possible. Each class will leave the attendees with the knowledge of how to improve their wellness, and the theory behind why it works. You will also leave with the tools to implement these strategies into your everyday life including reducing anxiety, insomnia, muscle tension, and learning and practicing new ways of living to create the life you want to live.

Join us to renew, rejuvenate, and restore your spirit All workshops are taught in a fun, uplifting environment. This would be perfect for an office, community group, or organization that is looking to improve the wellness of those that matter the most to them.

Reach out to Carla at carla.carnegie@gmail.com to get your own class scheduled immediately.

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